Only a handful of manufacturers from across the globe can offer adblue emulators suitable for VOLVO FH4 models. Can Logic have especially developed emulators for all of FH4 range. We all seen Chinese or Turkish emulators advertised for couple of hundreds, in some cases prices even go south of a hundred. Please do not be fooled by these sellers, it is not possible to produce good quality – properly working adblue emulator for FH4 models at such price. Please be very careful when choosing emulator, 90% of all FH4 emulators sold online today will not work as they should..

an ideal solution
In the emulator world,

Although it is still classed as EURO 5 model, it is nothing like it. SCR system, ECU and other components are completely different to what you would find in any standard VOLVO EURO 5 model. Can Logic smart VOLVO FH4 EURO 5 emulator was especially developed for this particular model and should not be confused with other emulators.


SCR emulators or adblue emulators, have been used all over the world for many years now. From our experience the main reasons fleet owners and truck operators are choosing to install adblue emulator are to avoid costly repair bills, save money on adblue fluid cost or to be able to use truck in destinations where no adblue is available. Although scr or adblue emulators are perfectly legal to use in most of the world, it is not legal to use it in European Union (EU) this is due to the environmental law…
It is not illegal to produce, sell, buy or be in possession of adblue emulator, but it is against the law to use one.

However, there are plenty of legal uses for adblue emulator. SCR system repairs can sometimes be extremely expensive. We have heard stories from our clients about dealerships quoting them literally thousands of pounds for SCR system repairs. We have a client who was quoted £12000 to repair SCR related problems on his Mercedes Axor, another had a quote of £7800 for repair on his VOLVO FH4…The prices can sometimes be plain silly. Hence SCR emulators make a lot of sense, why would you spend thousands of pounds when you can have problems eliminated and at a fraction of the cost.


Although fleet reliability depends on many factors, one of the most important factors, to keeping your fleet healthy and on the road, is quality, on-time servicing. Choosing the right garage and the right parts are of paramount importance.

Poor and unfair practices by mechanics and garages worldwide are a big problem.  It is hard to even trust official representatives with repair jobs these days. Further problems are caused by cheap ‘fake’ parts being used for repair jobs. Sometimes such parts are being used without the knowledge of the mechanics doing the job. These parts can be very hard to distinguish from the originals and normally do not set off any alarms when fitting those parts, the problems will come after, and sometimes soon after the repair. It is always wise to ask directly about the parts used in the repair and refuse the services if the garage/mechanic refuses to provide part information. Details to ask for should include brand, country of origin, part/serial number and the part should also be give a thorough visual/physical inspection.