Are AdBlue emulators legal?

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SCR emulators or adblue emulators, have been used all over the world for many years now. From our experience the main reasons fleet owners and truck operators are choosing to install adblue emulator are to avoid costly repair bills, save money on adblue fluid cost or to be able to use truck in destinations where no adblue is available. Although scr or adblue emulators are perfectly legal to use in most of the world, it is not legal to use it in European Union (EU) this is due to the environmental law…
It is not illegal to produce, sell, buy or be in possession of adblue emulator, but it is against the law to use one.

However, there are plenty of legal uses for adblue emulator. SCR system repairs can sometimes be extremely expensive. We have heard stories from our clients about dealerships quoting them literally thousands of pounds for SCR system repairs. We have a client who was quoted £12000 to repair SCR related problems on his Mercedes Axor, another had a quote of £7800 for repair on his VOLVO FH4…The prices can sometimes be plain silly. Hence SCR emulators make a lot of sense, why would you spend thousands of pounds when you can have problems eliminated and at a fraction of the cost.

Another awful fact about SCR systems seems to be once they start to go wrong – the problems just keep on coming. That’s where adblue emulator plays major role again, not only it fixes the problem at hand, it will also eliminate the possibility of any SCR or NOX related problems arising in the future..

Legal uses of adblue emulator includes, but are not limited to:

• Heavy goods vehicles/trucks that operate outside the EU
Most countries outside EU allows for adblue emulator use. Some regions do not even sell adblue liquid so operating a vehicle with SCR system is practically impossible at such destinations; hence SCR system must be disconnected or deleted. For instance all vehicles exported from EU to Africa must have SCR systems disconnected as no adblue is available there.
• Most vehicles that are being exported outside of EU normally would have SCR and Nox systems disconnected. Considering the use of emulators are legal in country where the vehicle I going to, it makes perfect sense to disconnect SCR system and not run the risk of costly repairs in the future.
• Euro standard emission conversion can also be the reason to use AdBlue emulators. Businesses that provide conversions from Euro 5 to Euro 6 vehicles can benefit from a high quality AdBlue emulator due to its simplicity. After installing the emulator, AdBlue system of the vehicle will be accurately emulated, which then gives the ability to install the upgraded system in its place, removing the need of another software conversion and making the changes revertible.
• In most countries, even within the EU it is legal to use adblue emulators in agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles and other machinery.
• And many more uses……….

When it comes to choosing your emulator or supplier, quality of the product, reputability of the supplier and aftersales support must be the factors you look at. As we all know there thousands of sellers online selling cheap and cheerful Chinese emulators. If you value your time, your vehicle(s)/fleet and your driver – please do not take such risk. Chinese and other cheap emulators are very famous not just for not working properly or not working at all, they can actually cause further damage to your vehicle.

Choose your adblue emulator wisely and you will never worry about SCR or Nox related problems ever again.