Make sure your fleet does not get stuck on the road abroad – risk, cost and how to be prepared

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Although fleet reliability depends on many factors, one of the most important factors, to keeping your fleet healthy and on the road, is quality, on-time servicing. Choosing the right garage and the right parts are of paramount importance.

Poor and unfair practices by mechanics and garages worldwide are a big problem.  It is hard to even trust official representatives with repair jobs these days. Further problems are caused by cheap ‘fake’ parts being used for repair jobs. Sometimes such parts are being used without the knowledge of the mechanics doing the job. These parts can be very hard to distinguish from the originals and normally do not set off any alarms when fitting those parts, the problems will come after, and sometimes soon after the repair. It is always wise to ask directly about the parts used in the repair and refuse the services if the garage/mechanic refuses to provide part information. Details to ask for should include brand, country of origin, part/serial number and the part should also be give a thorough visual/physical inspection.

It is easier for drivers/fleets who operate within their country. Those going on routes to Europe or other destination may face further hardship. You normally have a local garage who always does your repairs, you know the people behind it and you know they will not let you down. But being broken down on the road abroad is a different matter. You do not know anything about the garage you will go to for repairs, what parts will they use or even if they will do their job properly. Local garages/mechanics will see you as a tourist which sometimes mean tourist prices will be charged as well as not much attention can be paid to the job as they know they will probably never see you again.

Main problem faced by drivers is being stuck in a limp mode. In most cases, limp mode kicks in if there is a problem with vehicles SCR or NOX systems. It does not kick in immediately, but after some time after the problem was discovered/clocked by the ecu. Depending on vehicle make, you will get a warning on your dash and limp mode time will start countdown. It can measured by miles traveled, hours, vehicle starts and other means. Once the countdown is up, the vehicle will go in to limp mode and will become practically impossible to operate, especially when loaded.

To resolve this and to never take the risk of being stranded in limp mode, we recommend having Can Logic DTC cleaner with you at all times. Our dtc cleaner can be used as fault/error eraser to delete any faults from the system/dashboard and also to reset the limp mode timer. It will not fix the problem, but it will get you out of trouble and back on the road until you have the opportunity to repair your vehicle properly. Limp mode timer can be reset as many times as need to so you will always be able to finish your trip in good time. Can Logic error eraser works just as a professional diagnostic tool and, in our opinion, should be every truck. You would not set off on a long trip without the spare wheel, why would set off without Can Logic DTC cleaner?

Can Logic DTC Cleaner spec:

• Clears faults from the dashboard within 20 seconds
• Smart and Easy plug and play device,
• Super Easy usage – simply plug your fault eraser into OBD socket, wait for 20 seconds, unplug. DTC faults/errors should have disappeared now…
• Works just like a premium diagnostics system/tool
• No additional knowledge or equipment required
• Resets LIMP mode timers as many times as necessary
• 1 year limited warranty
• Fully legal to use anywhere in the World.
• Full support and quality guarantee from Can Logic