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Limp mode reset tool does exactly ‘what it says on the tin’ – it resets limp mode in heavy goods vehicles. Obviously, it will not fix the problem, it will simply reset limp mode temporarily allowing driver to get to the destination, back to base or to a safe place to stop. Each time limp mode reset tool is plugged into OBD diagnostic port it will reset limp mode and instantly return vehicle to full power.

Truck Help limp mode reset tool is exceptional value for money, imagine being stuck on the road in limp mode and having to call out mobile mechanic or recovery service, all of this hassle and expenditures can be avoided.. Having your limp mode reseted only once will probably cost you more that what you can buy our limp mode reset tool for ! Being able to instantly return vehicle to full power in limp mode emergency will not only save you money, but also time.

Below, we will try to clarify a few things by answered some of most common questions we get from our customers:

How does it work ?
Truck Help limp mode reset device uses diagnostic protocols to reset limp mode, meaning it works just as any other diagnostic device. A special fault clearing algorithms are used to reset limp mode and return vehicle to full power instantly. Device is fully automatic, all you need to do is turn ignition on and plug it into OBD port, device will do the rest. It can be used unlimited number of times and is unreplaceable gadget to have in limp mode emergencies.

Can I use it on any truck ?
No. Each device is programmed to a certain truck make. So Volvo device will work on Volvo trucks, DAF device will work only on DAF trucks and so on.. In some cases there will be further variations, for example in Volvo trucks one device will suit FH, FM, FMX models, but a different device would be required for FE, FL models. Same goes for DAF, one device will work on XF and CF models, but a different device would be required for LF rucks..

So in summary, Truck Help limp mode reset devices are not universal and will only work on vehicle make/models it was programmed for. Each of our products has detailed description on which trucks it is suitable for so please read through details to make sure you are getting what you need.

Our limp mode reset tools can be re-programmed to suit another make/model. So if you have changed your truck in the future you can always get in touch and we’ll be happy to re-program it for you for a small fee.

Does it delete limp mode or just reset it temporarily ?
It does not delete limp mode and does not in any other way interfere with any of the electronic control units in the vehicle. Truck Help limp mode reset tool will temporarily reset limp mode using diagnostic communication protocols just as any other diagnostic tool. Being a temporary reset, limp mode will of course come back again, in which case you can reset it again and again, but to get rid of limp mode permanently you will need to fix the actual problem causing limp mode. Our limp mode reset device was developed to help drivers when stuck in limp mode to reach their destination or a safe place to stop on full power without having to spend vast amounts of money on mobile mechanic or recovery services.

How many times can I reset limp mode in my truck ?
Device can be used unlimited number of times and comes with 2 year unlimited usage warranty.

How long will it be till limp mode comes back again after resetting it ?
This question is practically impossible to answer. Reseting limp mode will instantly return vehicle to full power temporarily, but it will not get rid of limp mode for good nor it will fix the problem. How long will it take for limp mode to come back depends on many factors, such as what active faults/errors are there, how long have they been active, where and how the vehicle is driven and so on.. We guarantee it will always reset limp mode and return your vehicle to full power time and time again, but time periods between the limp mode being reset and it coming back again depends on many factors as described above.

Is it safe to use ?
It is perfectly safe to use. Using Truck Help limp mode reset tool is nothing more than using a standard diagnostic equipment.


Limp mode reset tool for works the same way on Iveco trucks as on any other make. You will need to turn ignition on, slot our device into OBD II socket located in the middle console of your dashboard, wait for a minute and plug. So device jus as easy to use as it ever was, however we did make some updates to this product to further enhance its performance and make it even easier to use.

Iveco Euro 6 limp mode reset tool was developed for first generation Iveco EURO 6 models [2013-2017]. To make using it even easier we have now added OBD extension cable to this product. Extension cable allows for much easier connection to OBD port and therefor this will now be supplied as a kit with extension cable included in the price.

Device software was also updated to make it the smartest Iveco limp mode reset tool ever. In most cases, it will now reset limp mode even before your vehicle enters limp mode. As soon as you get limp mode warning light on your dash, you can use Truck Help device to reset limp mode instantly. This is now by far the most advanced, quickest and easiest to use limp mode reset diagnostic device available on the market, it is probably the cheapest solution as well.

Truck Help limp mode reset device for second generation Iveco Euro 6 trucks [2017-2021] is under development and should be available to buy in the next few months.

If limp mode reset device is not the solution you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any diagnostic requirements you may have for your truck or fleet.


We are proud to announce our new limp mode reset tool for Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec vans is now available for sale. This works just as any other our Limp Mode reset Tool – it is a plug & play device which, when plugged into OBD port, will automatically scan, detect and temporarily clear all inactive error codes and return vehicle to full power instantly. Simple, very simple to use plug & play device, no special skills or additional equipment required to reset limp mode, simply plug it into OBD port, wait for a minute and unplug. Job done, if your van was limp mode it will be back to full power and you can continue with your journey safely. Very useful gadget to have in limp mode emergencies. 

Obviously, it will not fix the actual problem, it will only temporarily reset limp mode, which will come back eventually, however this tool will ensure you are not stuck on the road in limp mode and always are able to finish your journey in good time and on full power.. You can use it as many times as you ned to, so when limp mode comes back you just plug it in again and you are back to full power.. Just imagine being stuck in limp mode and the cost of mobile mechanic or recovery call outs – well you no longer have to, if our device gets you out of limp mode just once it would have paid for itself as reseting limp mode at the garage once will probably cost more than our device.. 

Exception wholesale prices available for traders so please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can discuss mutual business possibilities. 


Although fleet reliability depends on many factors, one of the most important factors, to keeping your fleet healthy and on the road, is quality, on-time servicing. Choosing the right garage and the right parts are of paramount importance.

Poor and unfair practices by mechanics and garages worldwide are a big problem.  It is hard to even trust official representatives with repair jobs these days. Further problems are caused by cheap ‘fake’ parts being used for repair jobs. Sometimes such parts are being used without the knowledge of the mechanics doing the job. These parts can be very hard to distinguish from the originals and normally do not set off any alarms when fitting those parts, the problems will come after, and sometimes soon after the repair. It is always wise to ask directly about the parts used in the repair and refuse the services if the garage/mechanic refuses to provide part information. Details to ask for should include brand, country of origin, part/serial number and the part should also be give a thorough visual/physical inspection.