The main factor in being able to offer great trade prices is the quantity. How many emulators you order, a bulk number of units per single order, plays huge role in pricing. We are not able to offer trade prices on single orders, you must order at least 10 units to access our trade prices.

It is very important for any mechanic, garage, dealer or distributor to be able to sell the products with 100% confidence. This is important be course it will distinguish you form the sea of adblue emulator sellers. This can be achieved if you have access to the following:

You must have good supplier who will provide you with adblue emulators, which work 100%. There are so many different emulators out there, from cheap Chinese ones to super expensive ones, and every product has its own story, but all say they will work. This is not true, we estimate 60+ % of all emulators sold online are not what the seller claims them to be, they simply do not work.


SCR system is used in heavy goods vehicles to reduce the amount of exhaust emissions. Gases are broken down into various chemicals within the exhaust fumes into mostly water and nitrogen, which are much cleaner and better for the environment. SCR system needs to be supplied with AdBlue fluid, which is a simple, non-toxic solution made with about 32.5% synthetic urea and 67.5% deionised water.

How does it work?

The process is reasonably simple to understand. The main components of the SCR system are the catalytic converter and the injection pump. The vehicle outputs emissions, including nox, these are then filtered by DPF filter to remove any access amounts of soot. When gases reaches a certain point, adblue fluid is sprayed in, which separates nox into ammonia and carbon oxide. This mix will then go into the catalytic converter which in turn creates a chemical reaction where emissions are divided into nitrogen and water. Other SCR system Components such as SCR control unit, NOx sensors, AdBlue pressure sensor, temperature sensor and others are there to control and monitor the system, ensuring that every component is operates correctly.


Can Logic Ltd has researched, developed and can offer a wide range of adblue emulators suitable for DAF trucks. Our can smart DAF scr emulator is very easy and quick to install, normally it should take about 30-40 minutes on euro 5 models. This emulator will disconnect and fully emulate every single component with the SCR system as well as both nox sensors. Your adblue gauge will show the reading, there will be no warning lights related to SCR or Nox systems and your vehicle will never go into limp mode be course of SCR or NOX problem ever again. Your vehicle will also use no urea liquid providing you with further saving.

Can Logic smart DAF emulator is suitable for the following vehicles:



In short, the answer is yes. As with all emulators, most offered cheaply online will not work. Mercedes is completely different ball game when it comes to SCR system or electronics in general. Therefor, the emulators for Mercedes truck are slightly different and slightly more difficult to install.

Can Logic Ltd has developed full range of adblue emulators (scr emulators) suitable for most models in Mercedes range. As with all of our products, Mercedes adblue emulator comes with instructions, tech. support, full warranty and 100% guarantee it will work as it should – or your money back! We think this shows just how confident we are about our Mercedes emulators, we doubt any other manufacturer/seller will be able to match our promises and guaranties.