Limp mode reset tool for Iveco EURO 6 Stralis, Eurocargo & Trakker trucks.

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Limp mode reset tool for works the same way on Iveco trucks as on any other make. You will need to turn ignition on, slot our device into OBD II socket located in the middle console of your dashboard, wait for a minute and plug. So device jus as easy to use as it ever was, however we did make some updates to this product to further enhance its performance and make it even easier to use.

Iveco Euro 6 limp mode reset tool was developed for first generation Iveco EURO 6 models [2013-2017]. To make using it even easier we have now added OBD extension cable to this product. Extension cable allows for much easier connection to OBD port and therefor this will now be supplied as a kit with extension cable included in the price.

Device software was also updated to make it the smartest Iveco limp mode reset tool ever. In most cases, it will now reset limp mode even before your vehicle enters limp mode. As soon as you get limp mode warning light on your dash, you can use Truck Help device to reset limp mode instantly. This is now by far the most advanced, quickest and easiest to use limp mode reset diagnostic device available on the market, it is probably the cheapest solution as well.

Truck Help limp mode reset device for second generation Iveco Euro 6 trucks [2017-2021] is under development and should be available to buy in the next few months.

If limp mode reset device is not the solution you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any diagnostic requirements you may have for your truck or fleet.