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We are proud to announce our new limp mode reset tool for Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec vans is now available for sale. This works just as any other our Limp Mode reset Tool – it is a plug & play device which, when plugged into OBD port, will automatically scan, detect and temporarily clear all inactive error codes and return vehicle to full power instantly. Simple, very simple to use plug & play device, no special skills or additional equipment required to reset limp mode, simply plug it into OBD port, wait for a minute and unplug. Job done, if your van was limp mode it will be back to full power and you can continue with your journey safely. Very useful gadget to have in limp mode emergencies. 

Obviously, it will not fix the actual problem, it will only temporarily reset limp mode, which will come back eventually, however this tool will ensure you are not stuck on the road in limp mode and always are able to finish your journey in good time and on full power.. You can use it as many times as you ned to, so when limp mode comes back you just plug it in again and you are back to full power.. Just imagine being stuck in limp mode and the cost of mobile mechanic or recovery call outs – well you no longer have to, if our device gets you out of limp mode just once it would have paid for itself as reseting limp mode at the garage once will probably cost more than our device.. 

Exception wholesale prices available for traders so please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can discuss mutual business possibilities. 


As a global leader in heavy transport electronics, we continue to grow and develop new solutions. We are very proud to welcome our new products and services we are able to offer to our customers as of Spring 2019.


This emulator is specifically developed for Scania Terex Euro5 trucks. Terex SCR system is different to other Scania Euro5 models and it is run by different software. Simple Euro5 emulators suitable for P or R series for example, would not work on Terex models, nor would any other emulator. Scania Terex require a bespoke emulator and Can Logic is proud to be able to offer this product to our trade and retails customers as of now.


We all hear about Fuel theft more and more often. Thieves see it as a very easy target. Many vehicles are parked in dark, unsecure places; this is what most thieves are attracted to. Probably around 90% of all lorries have no security locks or any other security devise fitted to protect the fuel. Some still use caps which do not lock.. in our opinion, better safe than sorry, do not let your fuel disappear – do something about it.
Naturally, there is a growing demand for fuel tank alarm systems. Market did develop such products in addition to various other security gadgets. The reality is that most of these products were made quickly to respond to market demand and only very few offer benefits, others are very easy to bypass and will not hold off the thieves. Fleets can loose thousands of pounds in fuel theft.