Is it really possible to disconnect adblue on Mercedes trucks?

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In short, the answer is yes. As with all emulators, most offered cheaply online will not work. Mercedes is completely different ball game when it comes to SCR system or electronics in general. Therefor, the emulators for Mercedes truck are slightly different and slightly more difficult to install.

Can Logic Ltd has developed full range of adblue emulators (scr emulators) suitable for most models in Mercedes range. As with all of our products, Mercedes adblue emulator comes with instructions, tech. support, full warranty and 100% guarantee it will work as it should – or your money back! We think this shows just how confident we are about our Mercedes emulators, we doubt any other manufacturer/seller will be able to match our promises and guaranties.

Adblue emulators are available for the following Mercedes models:

Mercedes AXOR EURO 5
Mercedes ACTROS EURO 5
Mercedes ATEGO EURO 5
Mercedes ECONIC EURO 5

Mercedes AXOR EURO 6
Mercedes ACTROS EURO 6
Mercedes ATEGO EURO 6
Mercedes ECONIC EURO 6

We may also be able to supply emulators for other Mercedes Benz trucks and special purpose machinery run by Mercedes engines. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries, we will always be happy to help.

As previously said, Mercedes SCR and NOX system are a little more complicated than other vehicle makes. MB Euro 5 emulators will come as a kit with additional wire harnesses, relays, and other necessary bits included. This will provide you with the easiest installation possible, but please note it will take you longer. If normally it would take 45 minutes or so to fit emulator to Volvo, Renault, Iveco or other simpler brands, Fitting adblue emulator to Mercedes will take you around double that time. We are talking about euro 5 models here, euro 6 mercedes models are also a handful, at least two hours should be allocated for installation to euro 6 model. We will always be there for our customer to help and provide tech support when required. If you are quoting for installation on Mercedes trucks, please make sure you charge extra as installation does take more time that other vehicles. In summary, such installation will probably be taking the most of the time, any other trucks are normally easier and simpler.

Please do your research when buying adblue emulator for Mercedes truck. Not many fully working options are available on the market today. Especialy look out for cheap Chinese or Turkish emulators, although the seller will tell you they will work perfect – they will not. There are no miracles, it is simply not possible to create/produce Mercedes emulators for 30, 50, 100 or even a couple of hundreds, it just does not work like that. Components cost what they cost and to produce quality device you do need to use those expensive components, there is no way around it. If you choose to buy a cheap emulator on ebay or other such platforms, please ask the seller questions such as does it have warranty, do they provide tech support and will they refund you money if it does not work. And whatever you do, do not buy in bulk, buy single unit and try it first.

For any help or support in regards to your Mercedes truck please get in touch, we will always be happy to help.