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Autumn 2023 update

In this article, we would like to share our latest news on our development work and new products that have joined our adblue emulator range.  

We have been working on/producing Volvo emulators for over a decade now and truly believe we are one of the best adblue emulator manufacturers in the world. However, to stay at the top of the game we had to adapt to and apply changes that were made to Volvo trucks over the years. We are happy to report that we have just finished with our latest updates on Volvo adblue emulators and our Volvo emulator range has never been better !

 Volvo trucks are very popular all over the world, we have many customers from Asia, South America, Middle East..etc. Although Volvo trucks may look the same adblue systems are slightly different depending on what country/region it was made for. Different countries/continents have different emissions laws and requirements and therefor adblue system in Volvo truck made in 2020 for European market, for example, may be completely different to the same truck that was made for Australian or South American markets.. We have now got adblue emulators for all different Volvo trucks no matter which continent it lives on. After our latest updates to our Volvo adblue emulator range we are happy to report we can now offer adblue emulators for all Volvo truck models and variations. Plug & play and wired adblue emulators available as well as very competitive prices for our retail and trade customers. Retarder or non retarder models, Australian truck or truck from Peru – we have the best adblue emulator for it ! 

This year we have also started development works on American trucks. We are working on adblue emulators for some of the most popular truck brands in American market and already have some that are ready for retail. Our first adblue emulator successfully developed for American market is for Freightliner trucks with Detroit engines. These are plug & play emulators that are super easy to install and come with our standard two year warranty for your peace of mind. Freightliner adblue emulators are ready for sale and very competitive prices are available for both retail and trade customers. 

Limp Mode reset tool for Freightliner trucks is also completed and ready for sale. This tool will reset limp mode in just a few seconds and return your vehicle to full power instantly. Freightliner diagnostic limp mode reset tool is an exceptional value for money as it pays for itself after a single use – it will cost you more to reset limp mode once at the garage.. Don’t get stuck in limp mode, get Truck HELP limp mode reset tool for your Freightliner. 

Further updates will follow asap regarding products for other American trucks. 

Bharat Benz trucks are very popular in India and other countries. This is basically a Mercedes, but slightly different.. We have developed adblue emulator specifically for Bharat Benz trucks so if you are looking for a truly professional quality adblue emulator that works 100% our emulator is your ideal choice. We have very competitive trade prices on bulk orders and immediate dispatch capability for Bharat Benz adblue emulators. 

Although we have been selling adblue emulators for New Holland tractors for a while now, we have some updates to report. Installing wired adblue emulator is not the easiest on New Holland tractors, but we are happy to report our first plug & play adblue emulator is ready. This emulator can be installed to New Holland and CASE tractors with Iveco engines. Being plug & play version means it is extremely easy to install and being made by us means you are getting the most reliable adblue emulator out there. This emulator will suit New Holland T4 and T4A standard tractors as well as same standard CASE tractors with Iveco engine. 

We are constantly updating our website with new products, but it does take some time for a newly developed product to be published online. If you do not see an emulator you require in our shop, please do not hesitate to contact us.