Introducing our Newest Limp Mode resetters

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It is no fun being stuck in limp mode on the road and it can also be very expensive and time consuming. Once limp mode kicks in your truck will be limited to 20 KM/H which will make it very difficult and in some cases even dangerous to operate, especially if you have cargo onboard. Calling out mobile mechanics or recovery will cost a lot of money, as well as your delivery deadlines may be missed.. Why would you risk being stuck in limp mode when for the price of a single limp mode reset at the garage you could buy a tool that will always reset limp mode in emergency allowing you to reach your destination on full power and on time…

We are constantly updating our limp mode reset tool range and and developing devices for new makes/models. Please see below our latest additions:

DAF XG+, XG, XF  EURO 6 [2022-2024]

MERCEDES MP5 EURO 6 [2019-2024]


MAN EURO 6 New Generation [2022-2024] 

Many more limp mode reset tools are coming for a range of different vehicles, please stay tuned to our news or get in touch to check possibilities.