Latest Updates on Mercedes MP3 EURO 5 adblue emulator.

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This article is to summarise our latest updates made to our adblue emulator for Mercedes Euro 5 MP3 series trucks. Can smart adblue emulator is suitable for most Mercedes EURO 5 HGV models such as Actros, Axor, Atego, Econic etc.. Although we have not tested it on buses equipped with Mercedes engines, our customerss have also managed to successfully fit this emulator to bus makes such as Setra,     So the list of vehicles that our adblue emulator would work on is constantly growing, we are doing our best to keep our product descriptions up to date, but it does take time so please do not hesitate to contact us to confirm possibilities.. 

We specialise in Mercedes Emission system problems so no matter what emission standard Mercedes you are having a problem with, be it Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 or even the newest MP5 series Mercedes heavy goods vehicles, or other brand vehicles with Mercedes engine, we should be able to help. 

Let’s get back to the updates made to our Mercedes MP3 adblue emulator. There are four main points we would like to discuss: 

Self diagnosis function enabled: our Mercedes MP3 Euro 5 adblue emulator will now have an easy to configure led light indicators fitted to make sure installation is as easy as can be. Installing MP3 adblue emulator is not the easiest of jobs and mistakes are possible, however, with our Can Smart emulator you will be able to diagnose and correct the problem instantly. So for example, if you mixed up your Can Hi and Can Lo lines, that is what the led lights will indicate, or perhaps you did not disconnect SCR system after installing emulator, less will indicate that this is where the problem is. This update was made with our customers in mind and we are happy to report that feedback has been great so far.  

Design update: to be able to accommodate newly integrated self diagnosis led lights and updated PCB we had to come up with a new casing design. We were successful in doing so and our main goals to make it as compact and as sturdy as possible have been achieved. We are very happy with the results and are proud to present this product to our customers. 

PCB update: PCB became smaller, but more powerful. This is due to us upgrading its main components, such as processor, to the very latest and the best there is. Additional measures were also taken to protect PCB and make sure its working life is as long as can be. Therefor a special coating is now applied to the Mercedes Euro 5 adblue emulator circuit boards to further enhance protection against conditions and elements it will go through.  

Software update: Lastly, we have uploaded our MB MP3 adblue emulators with the very latest, up to date software ensuring this is truly the best emulator we can offer.