How to recognise Euro standard in your truck ?

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 EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission standards in HGV / trucks

It is very important to know precisely what Euro standard emission system is installed in your vehicle before purchasing adblue emulator as different euro standards will require different adblue emulators.. Our customers don’t always know this information and are often asking us how to understand which system is in their vehicle. There are many differences between different emission systems, however there are some main differences by which you can recognise and confirm Euro standard in your truck. 

Adblue or SCR emission control systems were firstly introduced in EURO 4 standard trucks. These would only have the SCR system, but no NOX sensors. As for EURO 5 standard trucks, in addition to SCR system these have had NOX sensor or sensors installed within the exhaust system. Lastly, EURO 6 emission standard vehicles, which started in 2013, would also have SCR, NOX systems, but there would also be DPF system added, so as long as your truck has DPF (diesel particulate filter) it would mean it is EURO 6..