How to protect yourself from fuel theft. Fuel tank alarm systems by Can Logic

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We all hear about Fuel theft more and more often. Thieves see it as a very easy target. Many vehicles are parked in dark, unsecure places; this is what most thieves are attracted to. Probably around 90% of all lorries have no security locks or any other security devise fitted to protect the fuel. Some still use caps which do not lock.. in our opinion, better safe than sorry, do not let your fuel disappear – do something about it.
Naturally, there is a growing demand for fuel tank alarm systems. Market did develop such products in addition to various other security gadgets. The reality is that most of these products were made quickly to respond to market demand and only very few offer benefits, others are very easy to bypass and will not hold off the thieves. Fleets can loose thousands of pounds in fuel theft.

What can I do to prevent fuel theft?

Some might think that fleet management systems are the ultimate tool in fleet management. With GPS/GSM connectivity and direct vehicle synchronization, they really are an essential tool in fleet management, but it is not much of a security tool. Most systems will show you the approximate fuel values, but they cannot immediately notify anyone of inconsistencies in fuel levels or, for example, if someone is approaching fuel tank whilst driver is asleep.

A good solution to fuel theft can be Secured parking. Although, in theory, secure parking should eliminate the risk of fuel theft, reality is quite different. It is not easy to always find secure parking for lorries and in most cases drivers will end up parking in ‘so-so’ place in regards to security. Secure lorry parks can also be quite expensive, where as there are plenty of laybys where you can park for free.
Another problem is that all that addition security features such as cameras are controlled and used for monitoring by a human, this leaves space for human errors and poor attentiveness. Secure parking can be very affective, but it is not a solid guarantee against fuel theft.

Possibly the best, most effective option is the Fuel tank Alarm.
It is essential to choose good quality, smart alarm system. It is also very important to install it correctly. The main note to remember when installing fuel tank alarm to a truck would be to make sure all wires are protected from tampering. Open wires means it is reasonably easy for a ‘professional thief’ to connect his own equipment to them and override the alarm system, in other words disabling alarm. Thieves will do anything possible to get your fuel, drilling a hole in your tank, for example, is as good way as any for them…

Can Logic solution – Can Smart fuel tank alarm

Over the last three years, we have developed, and about a year ago started producing, secure and smart fuel tank alarm system. Can smart alarm can monitor your current fuel levels and changes within them, and report this to the driver and/or to the management team. It can also monitor and report any changes within the certain perimeter around the fuel tanks. If object is located within the perimeter can smart alarm will send immediate alarm signals to driver and management and it could also sound a very loud alarm or even speak to the thief giving him the notice to get lost, or else.. Being the smart alarm, it can be can set it to monitor, report and act in the way that is most suitable for you. Can Smart fuel tank alarm system is of course securely encrypted, meaning that overrides or wire cuts will not disable the alarm.

Can smart fuel tank alarm main features:

• Up to 4 fuel tanks can be protected
• Encrypted wires with tamper protection
• Impossible to override
• GPS connectivity
• Compatible with most fleet management systems

As with all of our products, we will provide full warranty and tech support. We also offer mobile installation service Worldwide.

At present, we are only able to offer our tank alarm solution to commercial/fleet customers and not able to cater for single/retail orders. We are doing our best to bring fuel tank alarm systems to retail customers as soon as possible.

Being the inventor and the manufacturer of this product, we are able to design, produce and deliver bespoke orders. If you would like to eliminate the risk of fuel theft in your fleet, or if you are looking to solve any alternative security related issues in your fleet, please get in touch; we would love to discuss possibilities.