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The SCR system is a very big problem for Euro-standard trucks operating outside of Europe. The costs of AdBlue and the excruciating repair costs of the SCR or NOX systems make the use of AdBlue emulators a very wise choise. But what other options are available?
Here are some popular AdBlue removal methods:

Software adblue removal methods

Options for rewriting software and modifying parameters within the ecu file had been available for a long while now. Ever since the SCR system was first introduced to trucks, many services first used these methods to disable adblue entirely:

Downgrading to lower Euro standard (Euro 3 software)
One of the most dangerous methods of them all. This does work well with the SCR system the consequences can be extreme due to the differencies between euro 3 and euro 5/6 standards. Major differences in in injection nozzle and piston setup may have some side affects such as unused fuel being left behind, which can lead to future damage to your truck. Incorrect configurations may lead to poor mix of fuel and air and in turn cause damage to the engine.

Deleting/Changing SCR parameters in the ECU file configurations
Some trucks such as Mecredes-Benz and Scania can have their SCR systems turned off with a few changes to the ECU file. Deleting adblue on other trucks such as Volvo, Renault, Iveco etc.. is also possible, but a little more complicated.This should be done by a professional with dedicated software and it is a great way of turning off your SCR, but only when a professional is handling the process. It is very easy to make mistakes, which can leave you with a dead ECU if the parameters are tampered with incorrectly, we recommend leaving this method to professionals.

Disconnecting adblue, Dedicated hardware – AdBlue/SCR emulators
Adblue emulators are the safest and most reliable option when it comes to AdBlue removal. You can restore your vehicle to original condition by simply removing the emulator and enabling the SCR system once again. You can also re-fit the emulator to the same vehicle again later or use it on another vehicle of same make/model.

There are tons of emulators available on the market today. The prices vary from very cheap to very expensive, why is that and what should you look for?
The cheapest option is of course cheap and cheerful Chinese emulators. How can they be so cheap, it is simple really.Chinese manufacturer copies a working motherboard of a working emulator for Volvo, for example. Once he has done this, producing such motherboard will cost them a few dollars as the very cheapest components will be used. They then need to put that board in a box, add wires, pack it, etc.. this ads another few dollars, again, only the very cheapest materials will be used in any process. So there you go, Chinese business can now sell the emulator for 20 or 30 dollars and make good profit. So here is what you are getting: an emulator which is suppose to work, but, as it was copied of something unknown many years ago without any technical knowledge, it most probably will not work, at leasy not 100%. You will then be asking for tech support, which is simply impossible to get from Chinese traders. I guess the slim profit that they make does not cover for it, most do not even speak English. Whats next – you will ask for a refund, well, we all understand that is not going to happen, it will cost you more to pay for return postage to China than the emulator itself. Nor will they refund you on a goodwill basis,that is not going to happen. We can not guarantee that all Chinese emulators do not work, some might in some cases, but they will never give you the reliability and support of the good quality product or service from reputable British or European company.

European made emulators are perfect choice.
We are aware of excellent, knowledgeable companies in UK, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany producing quality electronic devices for heavy goods industry. European emulators have long proven to be the best there is and you will also much likely to receive professional aftersales support. We strongly believe in buying locally and supporting local businesses and recommend this to any customer. A local specialist will always be a wise choice. We offer express delivery to anywhere in the world and are also happy to help with advice and recommendations if required.