Truck Adblue emulator 9 in 1 – what is it and how does it work?

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Adblue emulator for trucks 9 in 1 generally refers to Chinese emulators. It is called Adblue emulator 9 in 1 due to it being suitable for 9 truck makes (supposedly) The sellers of such devices claim that 9 in 1 emulator will work on all the following truck makes:

9 in 1 eadblue emulator is meant to be suitable for EURO 4 or EURO 5 standard trucks. You will find these emulators mainly online through various sales platforms such as ebay, amozon, alibaba etc… As with all Chinese products, adblue emulators are no different, they normally sell very cheap with poor instructions and with practically no after sales service at all. You will obviously have no warranty or refund options with such purchase as the manufacturer would normally require you to return faulty item, but returning it to China will cost more than what you paid for the emulator itself, hence it makes no sense.

Although these adblue emulators carry very low/attractive price, consumers should not be fooled by it. Most Chinese adblue emulators will not work as they should. Although we have heard of cases where 9 in 1 emulator does work, this is normally on the vehicles that did not have faults with SCR or NOX systems at the time. These emulators do not emulate all of SCR system components, hence when these components fail so will the emulator itself. 9 in 1 adblue emulator will also be not very good in regards to the warning lights on the dashboard; you should expect the emission error lights to stay, if they were there before installation, or to appear after installation. Another downside of 9 in 1 adblue emulator is that it will struggle to get the vehicle out of the limp mode.

In summary, you are probably better off trying a better quality, European made emulator if you already have Adblue or NOX related problems with your truck. If you are going to purchase Chinese made emulator, perhaps you can try buying from a local retailer who at least offer some sort of warranties to refund you if the emulator will not work as it should. If cheapest emulator is what you are looking for, then head to allibaba or aliexpress where you’ll pick these up for around 10-15 dollars (USD)