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Easy installation is what every customer/installer wants. A variety of plug & play adblue emulators are being offered online these days, but not all of them will do what they suppose to. Again, the cheapest option is the Chinese emulator, which feature online for around 15 – 35 dollars. We have ordered such plug & play emulators ourselves some time ago, just out of curiosity, none of them worked and once we opened them up, what we found inside did not make technical sense, at least not to us. Of course, a ‘cowboy’ retailer could have had us, or it could have been a bad batch… In any case, do not put to much hope into such product, if you do have problem related to adblue or nox systems in your truck, Chinese plug & play emulator will not help..

However, there are some really good plug & play adblue emulators out there already. The biggest benefit of such device is obviously the ease of installation. Most of plug & play emulators would simply require unplugging the ACM plug and plugging the emulator into its place. Some vehicles will also require disconnecting the power to ACM or removing a fuse, whilst most will only need the emulator to be plugged in. In any case, installing Can Smart plug & play adblue emulator is as easy as possibly can be.. Can Smart plug & play emulators offer the same, full scr/nox/dpf disconnection as our normal, wired-in emulators and carry the same warranty. The only difference is in the installation.

Can Smart adblue emulator range offers plug & play solutions for the following vehicles:

Volvo Euro 5
Volvo FH4 Euro 5
Volvo Euro 6
MAN Euro 6
Renault Euro 5
Renault Euro 6

and others…

Can Logic welcomes plug & play solution enquiries or any other specific requirement for large fleet projects. Please get in touch to discuss possibilities.