Adblue emulator Volvo 4-Series EURO5

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Adblue emulator for VOLVO FH4 and VOLVO FM4 models. Latest generation smart adblue/scr emulator suitable for VOLVO EURO5 models. Emulator comes with instructions, support and full warranty.

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Main features:

  • Full SCR/NOx emulation
  • Auto Power Off functionality
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible with diagnostic scanners
  • Easy installation
  • No connection issues with dedicated wire harnesses
  • Synchronizes with SCR and NOx original part numbers
  • 1 year warranty

CanSmart microcomputers emulate the SCR system in full, including:

  • SCR control unit
  • NOx sensor
  • SCR pump (including the pressure sensor)
  • SCR level sensor
  • Temperature sensors

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Emission standard

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VOLVO model


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2 reviews for Adblue emulator Volvo 4-Series EURO5

  1. Martin

    would recommend this company, very good product

  2. Noah

    very impressive emulator, thank you for all your support during installation

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