Adblue emulator Volvo 4-Series EURO5

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Adblue emulator for VOLVO FH4 and VOLVO FM4 models. Latest generation smart adblue/scr emulator suitable for VOLVO EURO5 models. Emulator comes with instructions, support and full warranty.

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Main features:

  • Full SCR/NOx emulation
  • Auto Power Off functionality
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible with diagnostic scanners
  • Easy installation
  • No connection issues with dedicated wire harnesses
  • Synchronizes with SCR and NOx original part numbers
  • 1 year warranty

CanSmart microcomputers emulate the SCR system in full, including:

  • SCR control unit
  • NOx sensor
  • SCR pump (including the pressure sensor)
  • SCR level sensor
  • Temperature sensors

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Emission standard

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VOLVO model


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5 reviews for Adblue emulator Volvo 4-Series EURO5

  1. Martin

    would recommend this company, very good product

  2. Noah

    very impressive emulator, thank you for all your support during installation

  3. David

    i think they do make these in house hence next day delivery, does work good and came well packaged.

  4. Christopher

    When this arrived the first thing I noticed was how well it is made, feels really solid. Installed it as per instructions, started the truck and it worked! Have dealt with some other emulators before, this is head and shoulders above the rest.

  5. Abbas

    Seems like a good build quality, the case is sleek and came with wore harness as well. Worked first time

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