Adblue emulator Volvo EURO6 Retarder

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Adblue emulator for VOLVO EURO6 FH and VOLVO EURO6 FM/FMX models. DPF pseudo-regeneration cycle emulation enabled. Premium quality adblue emulator with self-diagnosis and error reset functions. Suitable for trucks with retarder. Volvo EURO6 adblue emulator comes with instructions, support and full warranty.

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11 reviews for Adblue emulator Volvo EURO6 Retarder

  1. Harold

    this is good emulator, works perfect, i tried other emulators before nothing worked like this one, very happy with my purchase

  2. PAUL

    Good service, thank you

  3. Henk

    Superb emulator and very helpful staff, thank you for all your help and advise.

  4. Rafael

    Very well made emulator and incredible support, cheers guys

  5. Adrianus

    good product and good service, i would recommend this company

  6. Jon

    Came as a full kit with wire harness and instructions, well packaged and the quality feels reasonably good, works well too

  7. Tony

    Proper posh emulator, perfect for fooling your scr and dpf systems, good value

  8. Akara M

    Very fast international shipping, super instructions. I installed this myself. good, trustworthy people, thank you

  9. Chris

    all good, my babe is back to normal !!!

  10. Atsu

    Why have I not purchased this before 🙂

  11. Luca

    tutto bene

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Main features:

  • Full SCR/NOx emulation
  • Supports vehicles with a retarder
  • Emulates the DPF pseudo-regeneration cycle
  • AutoPowerOff functionality
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible with diagnostic scanners
  • Easy installation
  • No connection issues with dedicated wire harnesses
  • 2 year warranty

CanSmart microcomputers emulate the SCR system in full, including:

  • SCR control unit
  • NOx sensor (before and after the catalyst)
  • DPF emulation
  • SCR pump (including the pressure sensor)
  • SCR level sensor
  • Temperature sensors
  • DPF differential pressure sensor

NOTE: ‘AdBlue quality’ error code will need resetting with dealer level diagnostics.

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