Adblue emulators for Non-Road vehicles

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Most tractors, combines, excavators, cranes and other mobile engines that run on diesel, but not on roads, are equipped with SCR/Adblue technology, which requires Adblue fluid.

SCR technology and AdBlue for NOx reduction can be found in most non-road engines/vehicles such as:
• Agriculture vehicles such as tractors and combine harvesters
• Mobile cranes
• Engines/machines used in harbours and airports
• Excavators and engines used in mines or construction

Can Logic Ltd offer vast range of adblue emulators for various non-road vehicles. Most popular is our New Holland smart emulator, which is suitable for most tractors/combines run by Iveco engines such as New Holland, Case and others. We also able to develop/produce bespoke SCR/Nox system solutions to any vehicle/engine on large fleet orders.
Another option to disconnect adblue/nox/dpf is to do so by modifying/re-mapping the ecu file. Current file is downloaded, modified according to your requirement and uploaded back. This does not require for any hardware to be installed/wired in or anything else to be done to the vehicle. We are able to offer file modification service for most Euro 4/5 and Euro 6 non-road vehicles. Please get in touch to confirm possibilities.

Is it legal to use adblue or nox emulators in agricultural, construction and other non-road vehicles?

It is not illegal to sell, have in possession or buy AdBlue emulators in the UK but, in certain circumstances, it is illegal to use them. The law says it is illegal to disable, remove or bypass the Adblue/SCR system in a vehicle that will be used on a UK road, but there are also other emission rules and regulations specific to agricultural transport and other off road vehicles/engines.

All new diesel engine equipment, including Tractors and Combine Harvesters, will have to be manufactured so that they meet EU emissions regulations. Currently these are Stage IV regulations, which came into force in January 2014. Under the increasingly stringent guidelines Stage V is set to be introduced in 2019-2020 and will replace the current Stage IV regulations.

You do have a responsibility to check and maintain your vehicles emissions according to current laws and regulations, and declare any changes/modifications to appropriate authorities. The removal of Adblue degrades the vehicle to Euro 3 level.