Adblue Emulator Scania EURO5

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Adblue emulator for Scania EURO5 trucks. Can Smart Scania EURO5 emulator is suitable for the following models: Scania R-series, Scania P-series and Scania-G series. Emulator features full SCR and NOx systems disconnection and emulation. Can Smart emulator is also capable of clearing DTC errors/faults. Scania EURO5 adblue emulator can be installed to a vehicle with SCR or Nox related faults already present. Adblue emulator comes with instructions, tech. support and full warranty.

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10 reviews for Adblue Emulator Scania EURO5

  1. Sergio

    Hi Can logic, just to let you know scania was installed yesterday and working great. Both warning lights gone off! very impressed, thank you for good service.

  2. Graham

    emulator does the job as should, no problems at all, professional service cheers guys

  3. James

    Very good product, would recommend

  4. Giovanni

    Emulator working fine, thank you for good service

  5. Hamid

    I’ve done around 5k since the installation, emulator works perfectly and no more annoying scr faults on the dash, i’ve seen chinese etc.. emulators before, this is nothing like it, no doubt one of the best emulators out there emulator

  6. Torn

    Does the job perfect!

  7. Christopher

    Absolutely astonishing piece of equipment.

  8. Samir C

    emulator was delivered as a full kit with instructions included, the harness had original plugs on it so it just plugged in to the place, connecting emulator was also easy enough. Works well. Good emulator.

  9. Louis


  10. Nicholas

    reasonably easy and quick to install, took the vehicle out of limp mode straight away

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Main features:

  • Full SCR/NOx emulation
  • Fault clearing ability via OBD
  • Automatic SCR system restoration after reinserting fuses
  • Easy installation
  • Programmable urea level
  • Reprogrammable for other makes
  • 1 year warranty

CanSmart microcomputers emulate the SCR system in full, including:

  • SCR control unit
  • NOx sensor
  • SCR injector
  • SCR pump
  • SCR level sensor
  • SCR tank (with the heating system)
  • Temperature sensors

Technical features:

  • Fire-protected aluminium casing
  • Overvoltage protection (up to 80V)
  • Low energy consumption (20mA)
  • 5V CAN drivers (vehicle standard)
  • 3-layer quality control
  • Works at extreme temperatures (-40 to +105 C)
  • Industrial quality components
  • LED indication (programmed make, connection status etc)
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Protection from electromagnetic interference

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